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23 February 2015 @ 12:17 pm
Tribute album list of artists complete + release date  
Tribute album, REQUEST release date will be on April 22.

The limited first press edition will be bundled with another CD called ORIGIN, containing the original songs the covers are based on, so you can enjoy listening to the original and cover of each song.

Tracklist (newly announced artists indicated)

  1. Yakusoku wa Iranai - the band apart

  2. Uchuu Hikoushi no Uta - KIRINJI

  3. Triangler - Watanabe Mayu *new*

  4. Ame ga Furu - TRUSTRICK

  5. Bike - SUGIZO feat. IA

  6. Saigo no Kajitsu - Suzuki Shoko

  7. Hikari Are - Tomita Lab feat. Emi Meyer

  8. Platinum - Negicco

  9. Kiseki no Umi - Arai Akino

  10. afternoon repose - Rasmus Faber feat. Frida *new*

  11. Poketto wo Kara ni shite - Magokoro Brothers *new*

You can also read comments from all the collaborating artists at the 20th anniversary website!

The last announcement regarding the 20th anniversary project will be out this coming Friday.
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mierin_sama: Kuroshitsuji - Grellmierin_sama on February 24th, 2015 03:05 am (UTC)
Rasmus Faber has collaborated with Maaya before, though I'm not sure about Frida.

Looking forward to this album too :)