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Maaya's 20th anniversary year has officially ended, and now to kick off her 21st year in the industry, she just announced a new single and a first live album in the works.

The new single will be called "Million Clouds"
It will be the opening theme for the anime Amanchu!, which starts airing this July.
The anime is an adaptation of the manga by the same title by Amano Kozue (of Aria fame), and Sato Junichi will serve as chief director.

Official website: amanchu-anime.com

Maaya is also releasing her first ever live album at the same time as the single.
The album will be a recording of the final day of her "Sakamoto Maaya LIVE TOUR 2015-2016 FOLLOW ME UP" tour at Nakano Sun Plaza last Feb 7th.

Just trying to make this place lively with new information.
She never takes a break, does she? Fine, take my money already! XD
Maaya will be releasing hr 9th album this Sept 30th.

The new album will be called "Follow Me Up".

There will be a total of 15 tracks, which also include these known songs:

  1. Hajimari no umi

  2. be mine!

  3. SAVED.

  4. Replica

  5. Shiawase ni tsuite watashi ga shitteiru itsutsu no houhou

  6. Aruko *new theme song for Code Geass: Akito the Exiled*

  7. Kore Kara

  8. Tokyo Samui *the insert song from Anata wo Tamotsu single*

...and the rest will be new songs.


Maaya will also be on tour following the release of "Follow Me Up", from November '15 until January '16.
The tour locations also include two performances at Tokyo International Forum Hall A on the 30th and 31st of December (New Year Countdown). For tour dates and locations list, please check out the 20th Anniversary website (the 6th update)


Studio Live version of Mada Ugoku was posted at a special website for Cornelius x Ghost in the Shell: The Movie collaboration. [Link here]

The website features clips from the previous ending songs from the Ghost in the Shell ARISE episodes, as well as Maaya's song for the ARISE Alternative Architecture TV series, Anata wo Tamotsu Mono. Mada Ugoku is the theme song for the new Ghost in the Shell movie currently playing in Japan.

All the music clips in the link above as well as several other live performance videos by Cornelius are also sold as Music Clips: Music by Cornelius in Blu-Ray format.

No idea how long the clips will be posted online, so watch while you can!!
Final (methinks) announcement for 20th anniversary project.

Maaya will be singing the opening theme for Ghost in the Shell ARISE: Alternative Architecture, which is starting this April. The song will be composed by Cornelius, with lyrics by Sakamoto Shintaro (formerly of Yura Yura Teikoku)

Anata wo tamotsu mono
Composition/Arrangement: Cornelius
Lyrics: Sakamoto Shintaro

No word yet on the release date for this.
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Tribute album, REQUEST release date will be on April 22.

The limited first press edition will be bundled with another CD called ORIGIN, containing the original songs the covers are based on, so you can enjoy listening to the original and cover of each song.

Tracklist (newly announced artists indicated)

  1. Yakusoku wa Iranai - the band apart

  2. Uchuu Hikoushi no Uta - KIRINJI

  3. Triangler - Watanabe Mayu *new*

  4. Ame ga Furu - TRUSTRICK

  5. Bike - SUGIZO feat. IA

  6. Saigo no Kajitsu - Suzuki Shoko

  7. Hikari Are - Tomita Lab feat. Emi Meyer

  8. Platinum - Negicco

  9. Kiseki no Umi - Arai Akino

  10. afternoon repose - Rasmus Faber feat. Frida *new*

  11. Poketto wo Kara ni shite - Magokoro Brothers *new*

You can also read comments from all the collaborating artists at the 20th anniversary website!

The last announcement regarding the 20th anniversary project will be out this coming Friday.
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16 February 2015 @ 04:30 pm
Second list of collaborating artists for Maaya's tribute album, Request.

Tomita Lab feat. Emi Meyer - Hikari Are
TRUSTRICK - Ame ga Furu
Negicco - Platinum
the band apart - Yakusoku wa Iranai

The rest of the artists this coming Friday.
As part of the celebrations for Maaya's 20th anniversary starting this April, tidbits of information regarding the anniversary project will be made public at her official website every Friday starting today, Feb 6th until Feb 27th.

Tribute album 『REQUEST』 - first batch of participating artists announced

Release date TBA, but will have a Spring release

List of participating artists - part 1
Arai Akino - Kiseki no Umi
KIRINJI - Uchuu Hikoushi no Uta
Suzuki Shoko - Saigo no Kajitsu

(next batch of artists to be announced next week)

Sakamoto Maaya The 20th Anniversary 2015 website opened

Link to M.20

Currently has information about the list of artists for the tribute album I have posted above, and the 20th anniversary concert at Saitama Super Arena.

Further information next week.

(I secretly want Suzu to sing in the tribute album too, but that's probably not happening)

Maaya will sing the theme song for the Tamayura: Sotsugyō Shashin movies, titled Kore Kara.

And Maaya is credited as the composer and lyricist for this song! This is the first song we have of her as both a composer and lyricist after her 2013 album Singer-Songwriter. This year is Maaya's 20th anniversary, so there are lots of stuff planned for the year. Her 20th anniversary concert "FOLLOW ME" will be held at the Saitama Super Arena on April 25th and will feature guest appearances by Kanno Yoko and the band apart.

For a period of one month starting February 6th, Maaya's Official Website will be posting big news with regards to her 20th Anniversary Project every Friday at 6pm. I hope to update here as they are posted, but I am pretty unreliable sometimes ;)

「Kore Kara」
Composer & Lyricist & Chorus Arrangement: Sakamoto Maaya
Arrangement: Kono Shin

You can preview the song in the trailer for the first Tamayura movie, titled Tamayura: Sotsugyō Shashin Dai-1-bu -Kizashi- with an April 4th premiere date. The Tamayura series will have four movies in total, and I think all four movies will have the same theme song.

As usual, link if you can't watch the embedded Youtube video.

Source & ANN article
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Short PV for new single to be released 28 Jan.

If it's not embedded properly somehow, here's the link


Long hair Maaya is pretty
Just trying to make sure this comm isn't gone into oblivion. Even though I keep up with Maaya-related news, I just can't really find the energy to post much here
01 August 2014 @ 04:51 pm
Short version of Replica PV up at Maaya's official Youtube channel.

If you have any diificulty watching the embedded video, here is the Youtube link.

Maaya's is getting sexier ❤❤❤
I wasn't very into the song first time I heard it in the anime, but it's grown on me lately.
25 June 2014 @ 10:49 am
For the coupling song on Replica single, Maaya will once again be collaborating with Masakazu Hara from the band apart (they collaborated for Maaya's previous single, Be mine!)

The limited first press edition will have an extra CD containing some songs performed during an event held last April - a mini album DUO featuring pianist Kent Ohgiya.

Sakamoto Maaya - New Single "Replica"
August 20th release
Limited Edition VTZL-85 - 1,800 yen
Regular Edition VTZL-35190 - 1,100 yen

Single Tracklist

1. Replica
    Lyrics: Maaya Sakamoto
    Composition/Arrangement: Takahito Uchisawa
    Strings Arrangement: Takahito Uchisawa, Toru Ishitsuka

2. coming up
    Lyrics: Maaya Sakamoto
    Composition/Arrangement: Masakazu Hara

3. Replica -instrumental-
4. coming up -instrumental-

Mini Live Album DUO tracklist
1. Platinum
2. Be mine!
3. Neko to Inu
4. Singer Songwriter

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