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25 April 2016 @ 12:35 pm
New single and live album both coming out this summer  
Maaya's 20th anniversary year has officially ended, and now to kick off her 21st year in the industry, she just announced a new single and a first live album in the works.

The new single will be called "Million Clouds"
It will be the opening theme for the anime Amanchu!, which starts airing this July.
The anime is an adaptation of the manga by the same title by Amano Kozue (of Aria fame), and Sato Junichi will serve as chief director.

Official website: amanchu-anime.com

Maaya is also releasing her first ever live album at the same time as the single.
The album will be a recording of the final day of her "Sakamoto Maaya LIVE TOUR 2015-2016 FOLLOW ME UP" tour at Nakano Sun Plaza last Feb 7th.

Just trying to make this place lively with new information.
She never takes a break, does she? Fine, take my money already! XD