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06 February 2015 @ 09:05 pm
Tribute album 『REQUEST』 & 20th anniversary official website  
As part of the celebrations for Maaya's 20th anniversary starting this April, tidbits of information regarding the anniversary project will be made public at her official website every Friday starting today, Feb 6th until Feb 27th.

Tribute album 『REQUEST』 - first batch of participating artists announced

Release date TBA, but will have a Spring release

List of participating artists - part 1
Arai Akino - Kiseki no Umi
KIRINJI - Uchuu Hikoushi no Uta
Suzuki Shoko - Saigo no Kajitsu

(next batch of artists to be announced next week)

Sakamoto Maaya The 20th Anniversary 2015 website opened

Link to M.20

Currently has information about the list of artists for the tribute album I have posted above, and the 20th anniversary concert at Saitama Super Arena.

Further information next week.

(I secretly want Suzu to sing in the tribute album too, but that's probably not happening)